Principles that Drive Us

April 01, 2024 • 3 min read
Principles that Drive Us

Nito Labs is a blockchain development company aiming to design products that benefit end users in this industry. Similar to other development firms, we have established a framework and principles that shape each decision we make in product development.

"This acts like a contract between us and our community, outlining the products' core principles and path for future product development."

The Pentagon Principle

We have defined five principles that drive us: The Pentagon Principle. It encompasses all our products.

  • Privacy is our user's right: Unlike most web2 giants that collect your data without permission to capitalize on it, we do not collect any data from our users unless they permit us to do so. It is clear that tracking interactions and the resulting data can be a valuable tool when used ethically and responsibly.

    This data allows us to tailor our products to our users' needs. By analyzing how users engage with app components like buttons or the workflow, as well as broader insights from the users' devices, we can enhance the product for a more satisfying user experience.

  • Creativity is our unique sauce: Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that is transforming how we engage with applications. Tasks such as connecting, signing, paying fees, waiting for transaction confirmations, and more are now part of our digital interactions. From a design perspective, the designer must leverage their creativity to abstract these tasks and make blockchain applications usable for average users.

    We have adopted this approach in our design structure to involve users as little as possible in the inherent complexities of blockchain. This involves creating a seamless experience for our users through intuitive component designs and engaging animations in the client layer. We believe users can benefit from the blockchain without caring about it.

  • Security is our product’s heart: We operate in a new, complex industry where potential breaches and scams target users daily. A mere code slip-up could result in an irreversible exploit, potentially causing users to lose their funds. This makes product security a crucial and challenging principle in this industry.

    We commit to utilizing world-class security measures to ensure the security of our products, both at the backend and frontend layers. This may entail conducting security audits for smart contracts or proactively updating users to prevent threats such as phishing attacks.

  • Liberty shapes our industry: What sets blockchain apart from closed and isolated infrastructures is its openness to anyone. Permissionless access is one of the crypto world's fundamental principles. This is why many consider it a bottom-up or retail-friendly market, as anyone can easily engage with it.

    At Nito Labs, we aim to design products with which anyone from anywhere can interact without permission. Of course, legal considerations and sanction laws may restrict certain people from certain countries, but it does not mean complete deplatforming. Thanks to the blockchain structure, users can easily interact with protocols or applications directly or through other front-ends.

  • Community is our assistant: Crypto has highlighted the value of community in a product's development and economic shaping. With the emergence of DAOs, or what can be termed as on-chain tribes, we have created communities that benefit from collective intelligence and are guided by a shared consensus among their members. These communities now consist of co-creators rather than mere consumers.

    We have adopted a community-centric approach and want to leverage the community to develop our products and share their value with them. We value all user feedback and strive to foster an environment where everyone can freely interact with our core team. This philosophy will define the future of Nito Labs.

One Step to Action

We are currently in the final stages of developing our first product, an excellent companion for DeFi users. Once it is released, you can observe how these principles have been implemented within it. Stay tuned for further updates.